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    People are spending more and more time online, and that’s the basis of why online advertising is rapidly taking over traditional advertising on television and broadsheets. For dentists and oral health professionals, the idea of online dental marketing may be sound farfetched, but according to Google Trends—a search traffic counter—the amount of online searches for “dentist” has doubled since 2004, while online inquiries for “braces” has risen to approximately 150% in the same duration. Given that trend and both the efficacy and flexibility of advertising costs these days, there’s pretty much no reason not to advertise online, much less have your own website wherein patients can file for an appointment online and get to know who you are.

    Of course, some dentists still stick to traditional advertising and word-of-mouth prospects; however, given the density of the dentists in many cities these days, others have resorted efficient methods (e.g. websites for dentists, cross-industry marketing, and dentist ad placements on non-competing websites) to get ahead of the competition. Having consulted many dentists in the area of Boston—Dr. Mehmet Kahveci, DDS—a well-known dentist in the Faneuil Hall District, told us:

    “I’ve always considered the internet to be a leeway in building reputation, even at the time when it was not being used extensively by my colleagues. There is no opportunity cost in dental advertising, especially in having your own website to cater to inquiries. Everything has worked out well for me in the last five years of advertising via different web channels. With relatively minimal investments and some understanding how online advertising works, I started seeing results in a matter of weeks. I’ve always asked my patients where they found me and they always reply with ‘Google’.”

    City people usually do not have the leisure to conduct physical correspondence with their dentists, and as such, this calls for various modes of communication: sms, instant messaging, email, and at present, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter now offer a non-intrusive (and even entertaining) way for both parties to communicate. Society now has a different take on dentists; instead of avoiding them, they are free to ask as much questions as they want online with a fair guarantee of being replied. Long gone are the days of being afraid to ask for an expert opinion—now everything can be done via the internet, a place where your anonymity is assured. Also, many dentists do not charge a fee on email inquiries.

    As for online dental advertising, a 300×300 image with your name, area of expertise and contact information is all you need to get started. There are many website categories where you can place the ad and be noticed immediately, but the best technique is to still put your ad on a place where it’s sure to get the attention it deserves—dental blogs and dentist directories to be specific. People searching for dental information online are serious when they visit websites like BostonDentist.com, and it’s imperative to seize the opportunity to get these people to visit your office.

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